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Below are some indications of each House:. By means of another example, if your Seventh House is Libra, then your planetary ruler is Venus. When you look at your chart, you see that Venus is placed in your 9th House of Sagittarius. Therefore, in this lifetime, your primary 7th house karma may be to receive good fortune and support from your spouse for your dharma.

Summary At this point, you now have an understanding of:.

1st lord in the 7th house in Astrology (First lord in the Seventh House)

This will give you a good basic comprehension of which signs and planets are influencing your relationships and partnerships. If you have 2 or more planets in your 7th House, look to which of the planets are weak and causing you difficulties based on the descriptions of the planets above. Then remedy that planet!

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  • It can tell you whether you'll do better alone or as part of a pair;
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  • Seventh House in Astrology.

When Relationship Karma Become Active Happiness in relationships, and finding and keeping the right mate are generally an on-going value for most of us. But there are times when the lessons and opportunities for growth in these areas are most pronounced, or when past life credits become particularly activated. If your major or minor planet is either the Ruler of your 7th House or in the 7th House, this will be a time of increased focus on 7th house conditions.

If the planet is good for you, look for new or improved relationships and business opportunities.

If it is unfavorable, then there can be, for example, marriage or relationship difficulties. There are several options to remedy ill effects of the planets affecting your seventh house. Mantras: There are secret mantras to help appease a planet that is destined to cause you problems. The powerful and secret mantra to improve your 7th house affairs can be found on the Personal Transformation Video for Level 7. There are also planetary remedies you can do based upon your newfound analysis. First, to strengthen your seventh house, you can chant the mantra of the planet that rules your seventh house.

The mantras for each house can be found on the Astroved site. This is another powerful way to win the grace of a planet that is not in your favor.


Houses – Seventh

Click here to try a virtual pooja now for free. For instance if Mars is the ruler of your 7th House i. Gemini or Virgo , then on Wednesday, the day ruled by Mars, you can try fasting during daylight hours, but eat before sunrise and after sundown or remain vegetarian the entire day.

Rituals: Depending upon the level of the affliction that planet is causing you, you can perform a fire ritual called a homa or yagna or pooja. Astrologer Consultation: Let our astrologers sending you their recommendations for your personalized remedy for your Seventh house. See our specials page for details. Venus is the planet indicating relationships in general or the karaka for relationships. For women, Jupiter is the karaka for their mate. Affiliate Mobile Apps.

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Toggle navigation. The item has been added to your cart. Keep Shopping. The Seventh House: About You. Join Our Newsletter. Latest blogs. In astrology, the 12 houses have great importance just like the 12 zodiac signs Which gemstone will bring your luck and prosperity In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is the deity who protects and preserves the univ When it comes to self-awareness, where can we find an objective and honest portr With Mars also owning the 2nd house, there can be money issues in the marriage or partnership. Challenges with marriage and money issues.

May be possessive, however, will have orientation toward productive partnerships. May experience issues of betrayal and abandonment in relationships or make sacrifices for partner.

7th House, Husband, Wife, Sexuality – Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasha Vedic Astrology Course

Will be drawn into relationships to resolve karmas through strong attractions. Likely to work with spouse Mercury also owns 10th house of career , also to work in business partnerships. Some ability for public success and good relationship with public. Must attend to needs. Both partner and self very relational, high desire for relationship.

Powerful, successful spouse though can be overbearing. Sun creates challenges for marriage and other relationships. The Seventh House is where you'll find insight on relationships. It's traditionally called the house of marriage, but it defines how you pair up, whether it's in love, friendship, or business partnerships. The Seventh House holds clues to all important one-on-one ties, including enemies and arch-rivals. The many hues of relating, from harmony to life-or-death power struggles, are expressed here. Astrologer Kevin B. Burk calls it the "guest room" and notes that we might not realize it's part of us—part of the whole chart.

That's when the phenomenon of projection happens, when you draw people to you that have traits you're less visible with.

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You might have to ponder the kinds of people that you tend to meet, and look for patterns. The First House is about identity, and across the wheel, the Seventh shapes your identity in a relationship. Both are angular houses, which means they're forward leaning and have an impact. Planets here affect relationships, whether they're conventional or break the mold.

If Uranus is here, for example, you might have some unusual set-up, like each having your own room.