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A collection of pieces which first inspired the celebrated pianist to play the piano.

Latest Releases. Listen to it in audio on the streaming platform of your choice or watch it as a video by the video section on the right. The Icelandic composer wins her first Emmy award for her acclaimed soundtrack to 'Chernobyl', the HBO's successful five-part miniseries about the nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union.

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Learn more about the campaign and get ready to celebrate the great composer! Under the baton of its Music Director Long Yu, the orchestra is launching a series of albums featuring works by major Chinese composers.

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Gateways , the first of these, is now available and features Chinese and Russian works. The centenary boxed set includes tracks new to CD and first international releases. Furthermore, a twenty-five track selection is released as an Ernst Haefliger 'Essentials' digital album.

On the occasion of her 80th birthday on July 3, , Deutsche Grammophon honours her with a special 11 CD edition, displaying the hallmarks of her art: conviction, individuality, interpretative depth and expressive vibrancy. Now available in multiple formats.

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Visit our channel. They are able to combine theoretical and practical, abstract and concrete. From this ingredients they always create something new, thanks to their intuition. Combining entrepreneurial spirit with the high goals that they set for themselves, people of Number 12 can achieve a lot. Breadth of their thinking applies only to the material plane of life, and only partly to the ideas and philosophies. In personal relationships sometimes they can be pretty vindictive, jealous and envious. They do not know how to loose, especially if their dignity is affected. Tend to evaluate people strictly, but in the same time they are fair. They can go to extremes and transform their passionate love to hate - no less passionate.

Birthday Number 12

People of this Number should not concentrate too much on their affairs, as well as they should not go too far pursuing their fantasies and unattainable dreams. They should use their abilities creatively and constructively, then their inspiration will bring a lot of practical benefits, and they will have a great chance to succeed in the business world.

It is quite easy to get along with people of Number Of course, they need an approval of their partners, but they do not seek it that much as some other Numbers.

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They have a powerful personality, but without pedantry and fanaticism. In their affections they are very sincere and willing to be equal partners. These people are usually lucky in their marriages, if their partners are not in excess of those weaknesses that they already have. They are sexually strong and do not have inhibitions.

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They are waiting for the same participation from their partners, who should be free from prejudice and taboos. They are strong and love to experiment. Their sensitivity they got it from the Number 2 makes them tender lovers and spiritual satisfaction for them is also important.